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In this section we have gathered the most frequent questions of our partners.If there is any question that was not answered here, you can contact us by telephone from Monday to (55) 5027 1046, or email: o via whatsapp: 5513694960
  • Why haven’t I received my welcome envelope?

    We send the welcome envelope from 1 to 2 weeks after the first contribution to the address you registered with our promoters.
    If you cannot be located at the registered address, we’ll try to catch you 3 more times.
    After these attempts, the welcome envelope is returned to us.
    If your address did not change and the established time has passed, please contact us and we will reprogram the delivery to your address.

  • Why don’t I receive information in my e-mail?

    Search in your junk mail or spam folder, social or advertising section to see if our e-mails are in any of them instead of your inbox.

    Add our e-mail address to your contacts:

    If you still not receive the information, please contact us and we will review your case.

  • When I subscribed as a UNETE Partner I requested the issuance of donation receipts but none has been sent.

    If you asked our promoters for tax deductible receipts for your monthly donation when you registered, we should have made the monthly delivery via e-mail in the month relative to the donation. For example, If we succeed in debiting your valuable contribution in January, your receipt will be sent on that same month.

    En caso de no haber solicitado recibos deducibles al momento de inscribirte, pero deseas recibirlos, por favor contáctanos para brindarnos tu información fiscal y así comenzar a emitir tus recibos deducibles, toma en cuenta que se emitirán a partir de la fecha que demos de alta tu información fiscal, no podremos emitir recibos por donativos pasados. Es importante señalar que solo se puede emitir el recibo a nombre del donante, si es para empresa debe ser el representante legal.
    The subject of every e-mail is “UNETE electronic invoice”; if you cannot find them in your inbox, check your junk or spam folders, social or advertising section.
    If you cannot find them, please contact us and we will send them to you as soon as possible.
    If you did not request deductible receipts when you registered, but you want to receive them, please contact us to provide your tax information so we can begin to issue them from the date we enter your tax information; we cannot issue receipts for past donations. It is worth mentioning that the receipt can only be issued with the name of the donor while for companies it must be the legal representative.

  • How can I change the card I make my donations with?

    For any modification of your donation, personal and/or financial information, you must call our Partner Hotline.
    The modification can be made only by the holder of the card the donations are charges to.
    As a safety and verification procedure, during the call we will request the personal and bank information you provided when you registered as partner.

  • How can I provide the information of my new card if the other expired?

    If the card your contribution is charged to expired, please update your information here, or call us from here, or call us fromMonday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:30 to (55) 5027 1046.

  • How can I cancel my monthly donation?

    We appreciate your valuable donation, but we understand that sometimes circumstances change. It is important that you call us and not your bank to cancel your contribution; otherwise, debit charges will continue every month in the established date. If you want to cancel your contribution, call us from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:30 to (55) 5027 1046.


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